Målfrid the otter

15 February 2024

An otter pup was found alone under a quay in Henningsvær in July 2023. It was observed from a distance for a while to ensure that it was actually abandoned, before it was captured and transported to the Lofoten Aquarium.

Otter pups depend on their mother’s protection and training for up to one year after birth. The mother protects the pups from danger and teaches them everything they need to know to survive in the wild. This otter pup was most likely born in April or May and had not received enough training during this short time. It will therefore never be able to fend for itself in the wild and the Lofoten Aquarium will be the pup’s permanent home.

Oteren Målfrid bader i en vannskål som hun så vidt passer oppi

 The little pup was a real wildling and it took a while for it to get comfortable enough with people for us to handle and examine it. Once it got more comfortable, we could see that it was a “girl.” She was very thin, but would not eat fresh fish or milk for kittens. We tried to offer her boiled eggs, which worked better than expected and she ate 5 eggs in one sitting. Over the next few days she continued to eat more eggs and we could see that she got stronger and had more energy. It didn’t take long before she started eating fish and was able to get a more normal diet.

Wild otters mainly eat fish, but they can also eat other animals such as crabs, birds, frogs and small rodents.

The little otter loves to climb and swim. She would swim in her water bowl when she was small enough to fit in it, and we had to take good care of her so she didn’t climb up places she wasn’t allowed to explore.

to otere leker sammen

She was allowed to stay in our office until September. By then she had grown large and strong enough to be introduced to Eddie in the large enclosure. At first, they were a little afraid of each other and would yell at each other a lot. But after a few weeks, they managed to become good friends, and now they play together every day.

Throughout the winter of 2023/2024, we have welcomed name suggestions from our visitors. We have received almost 100 suggestions, so there were many good suggestions to choose from. Since the little otter can be very talkative at times, the choice fell on the great name Målfrid.

Målfrid is a female name formed from the Norse words “mál” and “fríðr”, meaning “speech” and “beautiful”.

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