20 February 2024

Museum Nord participated in the Lofoten Conference 2024 organized by our partners in “Lofoten The Green Islands” at Thon hotel Svolvær on 14 and 15 February. Museum Nord provided Skrei Research Center, project manager at SKREI and marketing manager at Museum Nord. The conference lasted 2 days with the theme “Future-oriented mobility” with a number of interesting presentations on infrastructure, tourism, power access, young engagement, exclusion turned into resource persons. A lot of exciting things have happened since the Green Islands started, but framework conditions are changing, and there are many battles that require focus to keep up the pressure on the good development that has begun.


It is stated in the law that Norway will cut its emissions by 50% within 2030. How do we do this? How will this affect the future of mobility? These were some of the main questions during the conference, as this will also affect our region. Lofoten is a region with strong growth in the business sector, a region that is export-oriented and transport dependent. How will these challenges be solved in the future in a sustainable and good way?

The conference created an arena for discussions on these issues, gave us a taste of the development that is underway and shared useful tools with us. In other words, we all have to work together to keep up the good work and continue the good development.

More News

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The collection group has this week travelled to Svolvær for a registration session with William at Lofoten War Memorial Museum.

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On Wednesday 17 April, the first course evening in rigid heddle weaving took place at Narvik Museum!

A new European feather in the cap for Museum Nord’s research repertoire

The project “Culturality” addresses cultural heritage in rural and peripheral areas to promote creative tourism and sustainability.