Family Sunday at the Lofoten Museum 25 February

26 February 2024

The Family Day at the Lofoten Museum on February 25th was a fantastic experience for both young and old! 

The offer to make snow figurines was popular among the participants. It was inspiring to see all the creative and unique snow sculptures made by families and friends during the day.

Even though the weather wasn’t quite on our side with some bad weather, the participants still managed to have fun and enjoy the day. The snow gave an extra challenge and creativity to the snow sculptures, and it was impressive to see how the participants managed to adapt to the changing weather conditions.

The staff at the Lofoten Museum participated what they could and thought it was fun with everyone who participated.

All in all, the family day at the Lofoten Museum was a success, despite some bad weather.

The event gave attendees a great opportunity to be creative, and to have fun and spend quality time together as a family.

Thank you so much to everyone who showed up and we look forward to carrying out similar events in the future.

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Lofoten Museum

Get to know the history of the Lofoten fisheries at one of the best-preserved manor houses in the region, with authentic fishermans cabins, traditional wooden boats and a historic garden.

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