Use of digital platforms in heritage

07 March 2024

Together with collaborators from University of St. Andrews, we delivered a webinar on the use of digital platforms in heritage for the Coastal Memory Fort project..

Current practice

The cultural heritage of a region is often so diverse and rich that it is difficult for us to get a complete picture, understand it, and communicate it to an audience. Many attempts have been made to create digital platforms to safeguard and disseminate collections.

In the webinar, we started by looking at several examples we have today to shed light on current practice and reflect on their function. An international panel presented and discussed examples from their areas, and common international digital platforms.

At EU level, there are several solutions, e.g. Europeana, European collaborative cloud, Arts Collection Matters. In Norway, KulturIT is an example of a supplier of digital platforms for the cultural sector.

The panel also talked about how the Coastal Memory Fort project has collected information, what type of information, and how the project has interacted with the local community.

skjermbilde fra webinar om bruk av digitale plattformer i kultursektoren
Webinar use of digital platforms in heritage.


In the latter half of the webinar, we worked on using wikimedia as a platform to gather and share information. Museum Nord presented our wiki solutions; internal wiki that functions as an intranet,, and wikisolution as a collection platform in GAIA Vesterålen.

Dr. Alan Miller, Dr. Iain Oliver and Dr. Catherine Cassidy from St. Andrews University demonstrated how to set up a wiki page, and how we can all become a wikipedian.

Thank you so much for a content-rich and engaging webinar!

About Coastal Memory Fort

Coastal Memory Fort project

The Coastal Memory Fort project is looking at how to restore Paimogo Fort in Lourinhã, Portugal.

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