Wild boar piglets born on Lofotr!

18 March 2024

Last week started with a happy surprise

7 small and incredibly cute wild boar piglets was born! Gyllenbuste, mother, and her babies are doing very well. For now, they will stay at the farm with their mother, and when they are a little older they will move to their summer house right next to the longhouse. With a new house set up this winter, there will be a villa waiting for them when they move in.


Gyllenbuste is named after Frey’s own boar of the same name. The boar could run faster than a horse, had golden luminescent fur and helped Frey pull his cart. Day and night, over land and water, even through the air! She has been named after a very hard worker and she lives up to that name! Now moms job is to looks after 7 rascals and we wish her the best of luck!

The wild boars at Borg

Since 1995 we have been lucky here at Lofotr Viking Museum. Wild boars was what the Norse had on their farms in the Viking Age. The fact that we have the opportunity to show off our own wild boars, year after year, makes us incredibly happy. When the weather gets a little warmer, tourists will also have the opportunity to see the wild boars. There is an enclosure by the longhouse and were you can see the wild boar piglets running around all day. Here they live the best life a swine could dream of.

We welcome our new family member!

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