Apprentices visit to Melbu

25 March 2024

Apprentices visit to Melbu

Kim Holte and Lovise Isdahl are apprentices at Norsk flid Leknes. One of the competence goals they will cover during their apprenticeship is the reconstruction/measurement of older costume parts. They visited the museum object storage at Melbu recently to take a closer look at some objects in the collection together with curator Ingrid Elstad and museum consultant Gro Rundfloen in Hadsel.

To kvinner ser nærmere på og fotograferer et skjørt
Foto: Ingrid Elstad / Museum Nord

One of the objects they saw closer was this skirt from the Bruun collection. The skirt is part of a larger collection of objects, textiles and archives gifted to the museum from the descendants of the Bruun family, who settled on hunting voyages on Børøya in Hadsel from the mid-1700s.

Foto: Eirik Aspelund Linder / Museum Nord

The skirt is green, quilted and foot-sided in glossy woollen fabric executed in matelassé. The pattern is carved by hand in a checkered pattern. At the bottom there are two rows of hand-embroidered flowers with silk thread in flat stitching. Pocket on the right side, sewn with coarse fabric. Burgundy waist band.

Foto: Kim Holte

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