Registration of the collection at Fygle Museum

25 March 2024

Museum Nord’s collections

Museum Nord is responsible for managing and safeguarding its collections, and therefore the registration of the collections is a very important work for those who work in all of Museum Nord’s 21 museums.

Objects are photographed and registered in the collection database, Primus, with the guidance of the collection management team. The registration work started again in January 2024 after almost two years since the last registration session took place at Fygle Museum. In the beginning, it was mostly cleaning, mapping and planning, but when westarted with the actual registration, many objects were quickly registered.

registration sessions in Spring 2024

The results we achieved in the spring 2024 sessions are very good, showing promising results for subsequent sessions in the fall. The meetings took place regularly once a week, and 134 items were registered in Primus over 8 weeks. It was decided that the registration sessions this spring will temporarily end before Easter to concentrate on summer season preparations. This means that Wednesday 27 March is the last time we meet at Fygle Museum for registration work, but future plans are to start again in the fall.

Foto: Museum Nord

What happens at the Fygle Museum?

It goes without saying that outreach activities at the Fygle Museum should continue even if registration is paused. The museum is not open to the public, but you must book a guided tour on request (feel free to contact booking

Skoleklasse på Fygle Museum
Foto: Museum Nord

READ ABOUT the collection management team’s performance

Registration session at Andøy Museum

The last registration session of the year for our collection management group was held at the Andøy Museum.

Registration session at Kjøpsvik Museum

Last week, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Kjøpsvik Museum in Ofoten.

Registration session at Sørvågen Radio

At the end of August, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Sørvågen Radio – a telecommunications museum.

Assembly line registration

Together with Jaroslav, the collection management group of Museum Nord, has begun a series of registration sessions – simply registration on assembly lines.

More News

Registration session with William

The collection group has this week travelled to Svolvær for a registration session with William at Lofoten War Memorial Museum.

Rigid heddle weaving in Narvik

On Wednesday 17 April, the first course evening in rigid heddle weaving took place at Narvik Museum!

A new European feather in the cap for Museum Nord’s research repertoire

The project “Culturality” addresses cultural heritage in rural and peripheral areas to promote creative tourism and sustainability.