School visit about the Viking Age

25 March 2024

Before the weekend, Bø museum visited the school and the theme was the Viking Age. It resulted in good reflections and many stylish drawings.

tegninger om vikingtid

Among other things, the pupils heard about the excavation of the Oseberg ship and Ottar’s journey to King Alfred in England. As you know, the Vikings were also traders and fisherman farmers, in addition to being wild warriors who went on expeditions.

tegninger om vikingtid

There are many traces of the Vikings in Northern Norway as well. At Borg, for example, an 83 m long house site has been found, in Hadsel 30 m long boathouse sites and in Hovden many burial mounds from the Viking Age. The only helmet from the Viking Age in Norway has been found at Gjermundbu in Ringerike.

The pupils were allowed to express themselves freely when drawing something from what they had heard about. As you can see, some thought it was cooler if there had been horns on the helmets. There are also animal head posts from the Oseberg ship, the god Odin with a crown on his head and the middle-earth serpent. The Battle of Stiklestad has also been included, as well as animal heads on the ships and various interpretations of shields.

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