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15 April 2024

This year’s NTW (Norwegian Travel Workshop) was held in Trondheim 8-11. April where Trondheim got to show everything they have to offer. Together with about the rest of the tourism industry in Norway, we got to showcase what Norway has to offer.

Norwegian travel workshop

NTW, which stands for Norwegian Travel Workshop, has for 50 years been and remains Norway’s largest sales arena for tourism. Here, the Norwegian tourism industry and foreign actors are invited to meet in a closed trade fair for dialogue and exciting meetings. It varies from year to year where the fair is held and this year it was Trondheim’s turn to be able to show what the city has to offer. Here it was covered with activities for everyone, everything from kayaking to dog sledding, skiing and concerts in Nidaros Cathedral. In the evenings, we had the opportunity to participate in social activities and taste Trondheim’s best local ingredients from the region.

This year there were about 800 participants in total from 31 different countries. There is great interest in both Norway and Northern Norway and we look forward to continuing to show what our region has to offer.

Our representatives, Torunn and Linn, have had some brilliant but hectic days and have met many great people.

NTW 2025

Next year it is Visit Bodø that invites you to NTW and we look forward to welcoming tourism to Northern Norway and our region. It will be exciting to see what Bodø will showcase and we look forward to a new week with elements of good experiences, beautiful nature and good food from Norwegian ingredients.

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SKREI pilot at Lofotr Viking Museum

On 15 May, the film people in Lofoten Film Collective and exhibition coordinator for SKREI were at Lofotr Viking Museum to film scenes for a pilot. 

Preparing for the season at Korsnes

Department Director in the Ofoten department, Jon Framnes, and operations manager Håvard Amundsen were at Korsnes Museum on Monday 13 May to prepare for the summer season!

Anniversary day in Storvågan!

On May 26th we celebrate Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary with an anniversary day throughout Storvågan!