Registration session with William

19 April 2024

The collection group has this week travelled to Svolvær for a registration session with William at Lofoten War Memorial Museum.

William Hakvaag has over the years built up an impressive collection of objects from World War II. If you have not visited Lofoten War Memorial Museum yet, it is highly recommended.

A rich museum collection

The collection group has made good progress in mapping objects in the exhibitions of Lofoten War Memorial Museum. More than 500 objects were mapped in this round!

The collection is rich with many small details, uniforms and objects consisting of a hundred pieces.

Historic walk in Svolvær

There was also time for some historical replenishment, and not just intense mapping of artefacts. William Hakvaag took the collection group on a historical walk in the centre of Svolvær, and linked stories and pictures to places around the city.

Read about previous registration work

A day working with the collection

A day of registration work in the basement of the community center at Melbu!

Registration session at Andøy Museum

The last registration session of the year for our collection management group was held at the Andøy Museum.

Registration session at Sørvågen Radio

At the end of August, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Sørvågen Radio – a telecommunications museum.

Registration session at Kjøpsvik Museum

Last week, our collection management group met for another registration session, this time at Kjøpsvik Museum in Ofoten.

Assembly line registration

Together with Jaroslav, the collection management group of Museum Nord, has begun a series of registration sessions – simply registration on assembly lines.

More News

SKREI pilot at Lofotr Viking Museum

On 15 May, the film people in Lofoten Film Collective and exhibition coordinator for SKREI were at Lofotr Viking Museum to film scenes for a pilot. 

Preparing for the season at Korsnes

Department Director in the Ofoten department, Jon Framnes, and operations manager Håvard Amundsen were at Korsnes Museum on Monday 13 May to prepare for the summer season!

Anniversary day in Storvågan!

On May 26th we celebrate Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary with an anniversary day throughout Storvågan!