Craftsman seminar at Vestvågøy

30 April 2024

This time our craftsmen have travelled to Vestvågøy for a new round of craftsman seminar.

At this seminar, the visit is to our museums at Vestvågøy in Lofoten: Skaftnes farm, Fygle Museum and Lofotr Viking Museum.

The craftsmen meet a few times a year to get to know each other better and work on issues related to their areas of work.

First on the program this time was a condition assessment of Skaftnes Gård. Followed by a visit to the Fygle Museum for an inspection. There was also time for some stories telling.

The seminar ends at Borg at Lofotr Viking Museum with professional updates and guided tours of the operations department.

Former craftsmen’s collection

Craftsmen’s seminar

Craftsmen in Museum Nord gathered this week for a seminar at the Neptun Herring Oil Factory.

More News

SKREI pilot at Lofotr Viking Museum

On 15 May, the film people in Lofoten Film Collective and exhibition coordinator for SKREI were at Lofotr Viking Museum to film scenes for a pilot. 

Preparing for the season at Korsnes

Department Director in the Ofoten department, Jon Framnes, and operations manager Håvard Amundsen were at Korsnes Museum on Monday 13 May to prepare for the summer season!

Anniversary day in Storvågan!

On May 26th we celebrate Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary with an anniversary day throughout Storvågan!