Preparing for the season at Korsnes

14 May 2024

Department Director in the Ofoten department, Jon Framnes, and operations manager Håvard Amundsen were at Korsnes Museum on Monday 13 May to prepare for the summer season!

Spring is probably also on its way out at Korsnes at the mouth of the Tysfjord. Korsnes Museum is one of Museum Nord’s museums that is open only during the summer season. Find Korsnes Museum’s opening hours in the summer season HERE.

Korsnes Museum is located in an idyllic area with white beaches and lush countryside approx. 6 km from the ferry port at Bognes. The facility is an old communication center; Here there was a trading post, post office, telegraph and steamship calls. The building environment dates from the 1700s to the 1900s.

In the old barn, you will get to know the fun-loving and strong-willed photographer Magdalene Norman from Korsnes in the exhibition “Eternal Moments”. Magdalene returned to her childhood home in adulthood and worked as a mail opener and steamship clerk.

A short walk away, on the neighboring farm Leiknes, is a well-known rock art field from the Early Stone Age that is 8000-10,000 years old!

Glimpses from the exhibition at Korsnes Museum

Eternal moments

The photo exhibition “Eternal moments”gives insight to the photographer
Magdalene Norman’s life and experiences.

Korsnes museum

The venue at Korsnes is an old communication center located in an idyllic area.

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