Fun and learning in the cultural heritage park

04 June 2024

True to tradition, Melbo Manor invited sixth graders at all schools in Hadsel to the Cultural Heritage Park at Hadsel church for learning, fun and activities this week. This year we teamed up with the Adult Education in Hadsel, who both participated in the activities and served delicious salmon, baked in a stone oven out in the open.

The sixth graders learned about our beautiful church, about Saint Stephen and Saint Catherine of Alexandria, the two saints depicted on the altarpiece. They were allowed to walk on stilts, hammer in nails, play kubb and even shoot with a bow and arrow. We were lucky enough to have Even Johansen with us, who instructed the students, and made sure that everything went safely.

Archaeologist Julie Sæther came all the way from Bø museum to take the students on a cultural heritage walk in the terrain below the church. Here they learned about farm mounds and boathouse sites from pre-Christian times.

In addition, the students got to try spinning with hand wheels, an old craft that has helped to dress the northerners for thousands of years. By the way, did you know that the Vikings sailed with sails made of woven sheep’s wool?

As always, we have had a great time together with the students from the schools in Hadsel these days. The weather was a bit unstable at times, but the mood was high, and we really hope that everyone has had some both memorable and educational days in the Cultural Heritage Park in Hadsel with us!

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