Soon ready for construction to start

13 June 2024

The work to prepare the site where the new building “Otolitten” will be located will soon come to an end. The Otolith will be a beautiful building that will be a central part of the experiences in SKREI.

Work on the site began in May. Before this, existing buildings on the site were demolished. Skrei Eiendom AS, which managed the demolition, took the opportunity to create a recyling opportunity for the locals by giving away all usable materials.

Bilde av anleggsarbeider som ser ut over tomta til SKREI

Lots of rock and also some loose soil have been removed. Blasting, digging and removal of masses testify to the exciting things that are to come on the site.

The plot where the Otolith will be built has now been blasted out. Both some loose soil and a lot of rock have been removed. In depth, the largest excavations go 6-7 meters downwards, while in other areas there is minimal intervention. We want to preserve as much as possible of plants and landscape formations while at the same time taking care of the need for sight lines. For example, it is important that you can see Vågakallen when you come out of the Otolith on the side facing the sea and Galleri Espolin.

The work of removing soil and cleaning up along the sides of the site where the parking spaces will be has started. Project manager for SKREI, Jens-Henrik Andersen, says that the work is well ahead of schedule. Among other things, because we use a local landfill, we have saved both time and the environment. The stone masses are also ideal to work with and are ready for further use.

Soon ready for construction to start

Shortly, the site will be ready for construction to start. The tender papers have been posted and interested parties have come on the scene. Jens-Henrik says that there is hope to start construction on the site as early as early autumn 2024.

Furthermore, now in early summer, temporary parking spaces will be established for the summer, so that visitors to the Lofoten Aquarium, Galleri Espolin and the Lofoten Museum can easily experience the area. A main parking lot will be built in connection with the construction of “Otolitten”. The Otolith is scheduled to open in 2026. It is with pleasure and excitement that we can say that it is soon ready for construction to start!

Large amounts of rock masses have been blasted out and stored in local landfills.

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