Museum Nord at conference for creative industries

24 June 2024

“This is a conference dedicated to providing knowledge and inspiration to everyone working in the creative industries and tourism.” This is what project managers Andreas Andersen Sjøvoll and Sigrid Ina Simonsen of Innovation Norway Arctic and NHO Arctic say about the conference for creative industries.

More than 100 people who work with or in connection with creative industries and tourism were gathered in Harstad on 21 June. The occasion was the “conference for creative industries”, a conference organized by Innovation Norway Arctic and NHO Arctic.

The programme was broad and aimed to shed light on how cultural actors, tourism companies, public bodies and others can collaborate across sectors, levels and geography to develop cultural offerings. The conference also offered stories and good experiences from the culture and tourism industry.

Ripple effects

The conference wants to show how culture can create attractive local communities for both locals and residents. Both cultural and creative industries bring positive experiences for several parties – not least there are often very creative people working in the creative industry. This can be very important when developing new solutions, new offers and new ideas.

Museum north and tourism

Museum Nord by Hege Anita Eilertsen presented its activities especially related to tourism. The Hurtigruten Museum, Lofotr Viking Museum and SKREI were particularly highlighted in this context. They were used as examples of major investments, good results and the development of year-round attractions. Reference was also made to SKREI for value creation and ripple effect analyses, to great interest from the public.

It was also mentioned that in the context of tourism, we relate to three different destination companies and three destinations with different guest flows and seasons. Our museums have various unique features. Some of the museums are open all year round, others only part of the year. Everyone is equally important in relation to their audience. Our skilled employees contribute both to developing and running the individual museums, projects and the Museum Nord organization. We are also fortunate to have a broad mix of expertise among our employees and that we therefore often get to work on joint projects or tasks that require a joint lift.

We thank you for allowing us to be present at the conference for creative industries and talk about our 21 museums, our many projects and ambitions.

The Xn conference is part of Innovation Norway Arctic’s program for creative industries, supported by Troms County Council.

Bildet viser dansegruppen Kartellet

The conference for creative industries was opened with a fantastic performance by the dance group “Kartellet“.

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