New train roof at Katterat

11 July 2024

New train roof at Katterat station

The operations manager for Museum Nord’s museums in Ofoten, Håvard, has been several trips up to Katterat station on the Ofotbanen railway to put a new roof on a train carriage that is at the station.

Håvard has removed the old sailcloth and roofing felt that had been on the train carriage, and then put new fresh rolling cardboard on the trot tables.

“It has been a fun project to replace a train roof, a little out of the ordinary” says Håvard, and sends a big thank you to Spordrift for transporting tools and scaffolding and to Bane NOR for lodging on his Katterat trips!

read about the Ofotbanen railway

The Ofotbanen Railway

The 43 kilometre long railway line from Narvik to riksgrensen is a continuous series of cultural-historical treats interspersed with beautiful scenery and dizzying views.

Opening of the Ofotbanen railway

On 15 November 1902, the Norwegian Ofotbanen railway was connected to the Swedish Malmbanan on the National Border. The following summer there was a tablecloth for a feast dinner and a royal visit.

Electrification of the Ofotbanen railway

Electrification of the Ofoten Line – In 1923, the Ofoten Line switched from steam locomotives to electrically powered locomotives.

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