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11 July 2024

CONVIVIUM – Lofoten as a pilot for sustainable food and food culture

Museum Nord participates in the Horizon Europe project CONVIVIUM for the next 3 years.

After laying a good foundation together with inspiring partners from Portugal, France, Spain and the Netherlands earlier this year, we have now been informed that the project CONVIVIUM will also be funded!

The project is funded with 3.5 million euros by Horizon Europe and is now in the formal start-up work. The planned start of project activity is in October 2024. Horizon Europe is the most prestigious research and innovation programme in Europe, and on average only 15% of applications are approved.

Museum Nord wants to promote dialogue in the local community over the next four years, using the food cultural heritage to stimulate discussions about historical, modern and future regional issues. Museum Nord will map all youth and community centres in Lofoten and will contact those who take care of them.  “Such meeting places are a common cultural heritage that many appreciate, but lately, and especially after the corona pandemic, we have a feeling that the houses are less used ? and we will find out,” says Vermehren. “We envision organizing communal meals and open dialogue to explore topics around our local food traditions, such as sea and agricultural products, to engage the community to rethink the future. On the team, OsloMet and SIFO are research partners to organize these activities and document our cultural heritage.

“We are looking forward to getting started and finding out what people think about their food traditions, about the use of local ingredients and the renewal of dishes; But not only that, the project contains exciting opportunities to unite initiatives and organizations such as Food Initiative and to support those who produce and prepare the food where we live. We will work in teams with local actors from the community associations, welfare associations and local businesses,” says Vermehren

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The Horizon Europe project CONVIVIUM addresses sustainable food and food culture in Lofoten.

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