Arctic Cod is Norway’s most important fish

Arctic Cod is Norway’s most important fish

The Lofoten fishery has left deep traces in Norwegian culture for many centuries. This large winter fishing for cod has been of great importance to Norway. Every year, people from all over the country flocked to Lofoten to participate in the world’s largest seasonal fishery for cod. For hundreds of years, stockfish was the country’s most important export commodity. Even today, the Lofoten fishery is a major industry. It is reasonable to ask whether skrei – arctic cod – are Norway’s most important fish?

The waters around Lofoten are some of the most nutritious in the world. This has created the basis for a natural phenomenon of dimensions. Arctic cod grow up in the Barents Sea and from here embark on the long migration to Lofoten to spawn. Click here to read more about the fish skrei.

Hot romance in the sea creates livelihoods on land

Visiting fishermen from all over the Norway flocked to Lofoten to participate in the world’s largest seasonal fishery for cod; The Lofoten fishery – the big winter fishing for cod. Cod was food on the table for countless people, both in Lofoten and far beyond the archipelago. The fishery provided the necessary income for fishermen and merchants and created major ripple effects. The fish and the fishery provided the basis for business relations, neighbourliness, friendship, culture and traditions. Many would agree if we say that skrei is Norway’s most important fish.

Skrei will highlight the stories

The long relationship between man and Norway’s most important fish contains many surprising and exciting stories. SKREI will highlight the stories about fish, people, culture, sustainability, past and future. The history of Norway is not complete without the history of the Lofoten fishery and cod.

SKREI consists of the Lofoten Museum, the Lofoten Aquarium, Gallery Espolin and the newly built Otolith. SKREI is realized through 2 stages. First, we build the Otolith. SKREI will open in 2026. Here you can read more about the entire SKREI project, the thoughts behind it and its realization.

The Illustration shows an arctic cod, the centerpiece of all history and stories at SKREI. Illustration: LPO arkitekter.
SKREI skal løfte fram fortellingene om lofotfisket. Skreien er nøkkelspilleren. Illustrasjon: LPO arkitekter.