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Do you like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Vikings?

Then you should check out this project! By recreating the Viking Age and medieval farms at Lofotr Viking Museum, we can show a different storytelling.

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How did the building practice change at Borg?

An analysis of four selected houses at Borg, Vestvågøy from the Iron Age to the High Middle Ages.

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Basic exhibitions – popular science presentation

Basic exhibitions – in a squeeze between the authorities' museum policy guidelines, different user groups and the growth of research.

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Vágar, middle age town and an urban fishing village in Lofoten

Manuscript for Nordland County Encyclopedia and Håløygminne April 2022 by Reidar Bertelsen.

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About Ǫmð and northernmost Hálogaland

The name Ǫmð has been associated with areas in the far north of Nordland, and parts of Troms. Archaeologist and Professor Reidar Bertelsen explains his theory of a more detailed location and explanation of the name.

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