Do you like Assassin’s Creed Valhalla or Vikings?

Do you like Assassin?s Creed Valhalla or Vikings? Then you will like this project!

Imagine the possibility of walking in the cities of the past, among the ancestors and cultural treasures – instead of reading about them. By recreating the Viking Age farms and medieval farms at the Lofotr Viking Museum at Borg in Lofoten, we will be able to show a different story telling than what is done today at the museum.

The chieftain’s house and the smaller Viking house.
The Chieftain’s House.

By creating an app that can be downloaded onto your phone, you will see the past through the camera. This filter works like a SnapChat filter but is more extensive. Through the phone’s GPS, the virtual landscape changes in step with where you walk in the museum area, and you can see houses, burial mounds and Vikings who once lived and worked on the farms.

Inside the chieftain’s house.

You will be able to enter the virtual chieftain’s house as if you were in a game, search for the objects and learn more about the Viking Age along the way.

An early 3D construction of gold foil figures with texture.

By zooming in and out on inventory and constructions, you will learn more about everyday life and building traditions. You will see the museum objects that are now on show in the display cases in their original locations.

The smaller Viking Age house.

Out in the landscape of the museum area, you will see how time changes depending on where you stand and move, from the Viking Age to the early Middle Ages. This is done by walking in the landscape, one period of time ends and is replaced by another. For example, the Viking houses and the Vikings can be replaced with burial mounds and a medieval house.

An imagined guest testing the app in the living room of the chieftain’s house, without texture.

The aim of creating such an app, inspired by games and TV series, is to create an authentic experience just for you! You move in a historical environment, explore the Viking Age and the Middle Ages at Borg, and choose for yourself what information you want to see, read or listen to. This experience will be measured through trial testing of the app, and through feedback from the audience, we will create a new story for the museum. Perhaps this is a new type of way of seeing history at all Norwegian museums, by being physically there in action?

The living room in the chieftain’s house with loft.

All images are 3D modelling during production, by Jonas Johannessen.

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Gold and precious glassware

Gold and precious glassware are traces of great power, and rich and powerful men and women at Borg.

The chieftain’s house at borg

Read more about the different rooms in the chieftain’s house. The house construction is the result of thorough research on Viking Age houses.