EU projects

We have the following Horizon Europe projects in our portfolio at the moment:


The Horizon Europe project CONVIVIUM addresses sustainable food and food culture in Lofoten.


The Horizon Europe project “Culturality” addresses cultural heritage in rural and peripheral areas to promote creative tourism and sustainability.

GAIA: The Circular Boost project

An EU-funded research project on circular construction processes and reuse of concrete with a total of 28 international partners. The project is funded with NOK 13 million.

GAIA: The RESIST project

The RESIST project in GAIA Vesterålen is about climate adaptation based on different regions in Europe.

Why do museums participate in such projects?

There are many reasons why museums and cultural organisations participate in European project work. The most obvious is probably that Horizon Europe projects are fully funded. This means that we can set aside resources and focus directly on measures without using our core funds to participate.

But there is much more that is exciting. If we look at all four Horizon Europe projects that we are involved in, we work with a total of 122 partners from different European countries, from universities to businesses, social actors, industry and other cultural organisations. There is a large network of talented people who are inspiring and influential.

The museum job is quite varied in itself. Museums must not only preserve old things and convey stories, they also deliver high on research and knowledge production in order to receive government funding. Such projects give Museum Nord opportunities to participate in innovation, in the creation and publication of new knowledge and, not least, a large research network.

The European Commission has identified five missions for which it wants concrete and ambitious solutions by 2030 to solve global societal challenges. We are very happy to be able to contribute to those.

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