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Sami week: lecture at Gallery Espolin

Friday 9 February18:00 - 19:00

Drawing of a Viking

Sami Week: Welcome to a lecture on «Tore Hund´s čehporis (leather collar)» Friday February 9!

Várdobáiki Sami Center has recreated Tore Hund’s čehporis (leather collar/trap). The project has focused on Sami presence, society, faith and interaction in the Viking Age. The project is anchored in the National Jubilee 2030 – Norway for 1000 years.

Tore Hund is regarded as King Olav Haraldsson’s groundsman during the Battle of Stiklestad. In Snorri Sturlasson’s The King’s Sagas, a piece of clothing Tore Hund wore during the battle is described, and this was very interesting for Várdobáiki.

We have the pleasure of inviting you to a lecture on Tore Hund’s leather collar / cehporis with Tone Elvebakk from Várdobáiki, Friday 9 February at 18.00 at the Espolin Gallery.

Sami week

Tone Elvebakk was born and raised in the Sami village Duorga/Snubba in Evenes municipality. She is employed as a museum consultant at the Várdobáiki Sami Center, and works to promote Sami history, language and culture. She is also a duodji consultant for Nordland for Duodjeinstituhtta. Tone presents the project with Tore Hunds cehporis in Lofoten, in connection with the Sami National Day on 6 February.

It will be many activities and cultural events on the 6th of February, in and around Kabelvåg. Several institutions and volunteers contributes to mark the Sami national day in Lofoten. And Lofoten sameforening together with Bárru språkarena is organizing the event.

There will also be events on other days that makes it a theme week focusing on Sami culture, history and language. More information about the program will come.

Plakat Samisk nasjonaldag i Vågan - samisk uke


Friday 9 February
18:00 - 19:00


Galleri Espolin
Kabelvåg, 8310 Norge
76 07 84 05