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Needle binding workshop

Saturday 20 April12:00 - 16:00

Viking sits and makes something with needle binding technique

There will be a workshop at the Viking Museum. Do you want to learn how to make, for example, socks, mittens and hats from the Viking Age?

Needle binding is an old craft technique where you use a needle and often the thumb as tools. This technique was and is used throughout much of the world. We teach you how to do needle binding

and how the Vikings used this to repair and make garments.

Now is your chance! Stop by the museum on the United Nations World Day for Creativity and Innovation.

The event is free, we are sitting in the welcome area. If you wish to visit the museum in its entirety, this will cost the normal entrance ticket.
Material packs will become available for purchase!


Saturday 20 April
12:00 - 16:00