The company’s photo album

The company’s photo album

With the mountain Møysalen imprented on the front, and a lock in silver with the shipping brand of Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab on the side, it must have been a great honour for the director of Vesteraalens Dampskibsselskab, Richard With, to receive this photo album as a gift. On the title page you will find a beautifully decorated tribute to the director and the company’s greatest achievement, the establishment of the coastal voyage that has been called Hurtigruten in all the years since, and the night time sailing that made it possible.

The album contains portraits of employees of the shipping company. We find restaurant operators, machinists, pilots and many others. Here are, for example, Hans Hveding Berg Jensen, the pilot who participated in the first voyage in 1893, young Mr. Larsen who was second engineer on board the cargo and passenger ship SS Risøsund (1904) and H. TH Hansen, restauranteur on SS Lofoten (1884)

Unfortunately, there are many people in the photo album who we no longer know the names of. For example, only three women are represented, and they are all unknown.

Richard With’s photo album is one of many small historical treasures in the Hurtigruten Museum‘s collection.


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