The Salute cannons of the Bruun family

The salute cannons of the Bruun family.

Have you ever been to a dinner party and thought what this really needs is a real bang to get the party started?

The Bruun family on Børøya in Hadsel probably thought this way at the end of the 1700s, when they acquired two small table guns to fire salutes with. The guns are only about 20 cm tall and weigh just over one and a half kilos each.

The guns are fully functional, and were used on festive occations. This is something you find in some finer households throughout the 1800s. The guns from the Bruun family are marked with the number 1792, which we assume is the year of manufacture. That means the guns were used when the family was at its most powerful.

If everyone is ready, and steps just a few steps back, then the party can definitely begin!

The salute cannons are now in the collection at Melbo Manor.

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