The ashtray from the steamship Finmarken

The ashtray pictured has belonged to Captain Sven Hertzberg, who served as captain on several of VDS’s ships in the period 1936-1955.

Among the ships he captained was the steamship SS Finmarken (1912). As he left the ship to muster on another, he took a couple of souvenirs with him along the way.

Hertzberg smoked a pipe and brought two smaller ashtrays, which he had engraved in memory of his time as captain aboard the beautiful SS Finmarken.

“Stolen from “Finmarken” VDS”

Most of the coastal steamer SS Finmarken was scrapped in the Netherlands in 1960.

This ashtray is now part of the collection at the Hurtigruten Museum.


Hurtigruten Museum

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