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Eternal moments

The photo exhibition “Eternal moments” gives insight to the photographer Magdalene Norman’s life and experiences.

Magdalene was born and raised in Korsnes. People who remember her tell of a cheerful and strong-willed lady, and with a love for companionship with good friends. 

She established herself as a photographer in the early 20th century. In 1906 she traveled to the United States, but returned to Norway in 1909 due to tuberculosis. Here she worked as a photographer in Harstad and had studios in Andenes, Kjøpsvik and Korsnes. From 1918 she lived in Larvik with her friend Aagot Olaussen. In 1940 she traveled to Korsnes and took over the business after her brother Sverre’s death. 

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The venue at Korsnes is an old communication center located in an idyllic area.