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Meet our seals

When you visit the Lofoten Aquarium, you can experience harbour seals up close. Seal feeding is on the program twice a day, and is a “must see” during your visit.

We have five seals swimming in the sealpond. Victoria and Lauser are the oldest and were born in 1990. Selma was born in 2012, Storm in 2021 and Molly is the newest addition to come into the world in 2022.

They have many years ahead of them, because harbour seals can reach the age of 40 years old. If you’re lucky, harbour seals are there for a real seal-fie!

Meet Molly

This little cutie has got a new name

The naming contest has been settled! During the event Coastal Day in Storvågan in May, the Lofoten Aquarium organized a naming contest for our newest seal, which was born at the aquarium last summer.

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An encounter with life in the Lofoten Sea. Cod, halibut, crabs, saithe and haddock – these and many more you will meet in the aquarium. Feeding seals and otters at fixed times. Café.