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The white gold of the sea is still important. The fisherman must have that little extra, a sixth sense, about the weather and about the nature of the fish.

In “Wit and Folly”, we can read about the man who had the seventh sense, and that was the sense of herring. But you had nothing if you didn’t have wool at the bottom. In the lofoten coffin, sets of homemade wool underwear of yarn were the most important thing the fisherman caught on the lofoten fishery, because wool keeps you warm even if it gets wet. And rya, she was worth more than a dairy cow. The women knitted and wove, fed the kids and looked after the barn, cooked the food and did the housework. Like the fish, the women’s work was a mainstay of society. The woman also had a sixth sense; they knew what had to be done and then they did.