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“From shadows to beacons»

New exhibition opens March 2nd at the Espolin Gallery. In collaboration with Kystverkmusea -The Museums of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, we show the touring exhibition “From shadows to beacons”. The exhibition presents intriguing artworks inspired by the invention of the Fresnel lighthouse lens.

Artists in the exhibition: Øystein Lønvik, Cathinka Mæhlum, Michal Siarek, Ina Otzko, Mike McCormick, Alinta Kiri & Jason Nelson, Tine Surel Lange and Emma Gunnarsson.

200 years of LIGHTHOUSE lenses

In 2023, it was 200 years since the first lighthouse lens was put into operation. It was installed in the iconic lighthouse Le Cordouan in France in 1823. The exhibition “From shadows to beacons” is organized by Kystverkmusea – The Museums of the Norwegian Coastal Administration Museum. It was first shown at Nordkappmuseet – The North Cape Museum in 2023. The exhibition was produced by The North Cape Museum in 2023 with curator Emma Gunnarsson. Nine artists are showing exciting works inspired by the invention of Fresnel’s lighthouse lens having its 200th anniversary in 2023. The artists allow the viewer to experience and reflect on the changing nature of light and its influence on our senses. 

Read more about the history of the lighthouse lenses on the North Cape Museum’s website.

Kystverkmusea-The Museums of the Norwegian Coastal Administration, is the Norwegian Coastal Administration’s agency museum, and was established in 2008. Lindesnes Lighthouse Museum, Jærmuseet, VITI, Museum Nord and the Museums for Coastal Culture and Reconstruction in Finnmark make up the museum. The exhibition was first shown at the North Cape Museum in Honningsvåg.

In 2024, the exhibition is on tour, with the first stop in Lofoten at the Espolin Gallery.

Welcome to the opening!

Join us for the opening of the exhibition at Gallery Espolin on Saturday March 2nd! We open the exhibition with light refreshments and a few words from two of the artists featured in the exhibition. The curator of the exhibition, Emma Gunnarsson from the North Cape Museum, will be present during the opening.