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Rock art and landscapes

This traveling exhibition, rock art and landscapes at Øksnes Museum is based on a research project from Tromsø Museum.

Through his doctoral dissertation, the archaeologist Jan Magne Gjerde has understood that petroglyphs and rock paintings should not be interpreted solely on the basis of the figures themselves, but should be placed in connection with the rock and its surroundings.

Lines and colors in the rock, the location in the landscape, the slope on the rock surface, all this helps to build up the stories that the rock art tells. For those who can see this, a value of rock picture opens up with the story that takes us close to the lives of people who lived several thousand years before us.

Join and read the rock art that no one understood the same way before!

The exhibition takes on rock art from Norway, Sweden, Finland and North-West Russia, and is produced by the Norwegian Arctic University Museum.

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