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SEASCAPE: Andrea Greenwood (UK)


The Espolin Gallery 14. – 30.10.2022

The Espolin Gallery shows the work Seacsape by the British artist Andrea Greenwood. Greenwood developed the project Seascape after an artist-in-residency in Melbu in 2019. It is a collaboration between Galleri Espolin and Nordland Academy of Art and Science with participation of school classes in Melbu and Lofoten. The project has support from KORO.

SEASCAPE consists of small illuminated forms suspended in a mass to create a large three-dimensional shape, with striking shadows and light patterns created on the floor beneath it. The sculpture is inspired by the ebb and flow of seawater.

Taking inspiration from the artist Kaare Espolin Johnson (1907-1994), a scraping technique has been applied to the forms to create abstract drawings of the sea. Achieved is a striking depth of colour and blue glow throughout the installation.

The Norwegian artist Kaare Espolin Johnson was known for his iconic depictions of life in Northern Norway. Afflicted from an early age by an illness that made him progressively blind, Espolin produced paintings, drawings, and engravings with such a technique that the figures seemed to be carved in darkness. Oscillating between realism, dream and fantasy, the artist depicted both the harsh life of fishing communities and tales from Sami and Norse mythology.

Children in Lofoten and Vesterålen have contributed to creating Seascape. Andrea conducted digital workshops at Galleri Espolin with Miljøagentene and with school classes at Melbu and in Stokmarknes.

artist in residence – Collaboration

Andrea Greenwood lives in London and works with both sculpture and performance. The artist developed the project Seascape after an artist residency in 2019. As part of the program Neptune Art/Science Lab at Nordland Academy of Art and Science (NAKV) and Museum Nord. Gallery Espolin was a place to visit artists on the Residency Program in 2019. And has collaborated with the artist and NAKV further through our joint art residency project AiR Vesteraalen.


Furthermore, Andrea Greenwood been part of Artist in Residence Vesterålen together with two other artists from the UK, Mia Harris and Will Renel. They developed a three-part project with a joint title “Scapes” for their artworks: Landscapes, Skyscapes and Seascapes. Their project ended in exhibitions during the festival Sommer-Melbu in July 2022.

The Nordland Academy for Arts and Science is producer of AiR Vesteraalen. With main partner Cultural cooperation in Vesterålen and Museum Nord. It’s an artist in residency program for five municipalities in the Vesterålen islands that houses artists from Europe. The Subject in Hadsel is Art & Society.