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Stolen years: Children in the North during WW2

Experience a thought-provoking exhibition in Ariblå at Sortland Museum in May and June, showing a different side of WW2.

Stolen years: Children in the north during World War 2 is a collaborative project between the Narvik Centre and the Murmansk County Regional Museum from 2020, which tells about children’s fates and everyday life in the north during the war.

The exhibition contains personal and powerful stories, for example about Norway’s youngest border guide Astrid Linerud and youngest soldier Asbjørn Strandheim, and is packed with unique pictures. Learn about how kindergartens, schools, and everyday life continued for some children during the war, but not without drastic changes. Others didn’t get the same opportunity. These are stories that are unfortunately relevant today, where children become victims of adult warfare.

The exhibition features objects from the war on loan from Øksnes museum, Melbo manor and William Hakvaag at Lofoten War Memorial Museum’s private collection.

The exhibition has Norwegian and English text, and can be visited until the end of June 2023.

The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday 11am-3pm.