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The house on the rock

The house on the rock – the national railway company’s administration building was completed in 1902. Designed by Paul Due and with G. Soot as chief builder. The administration building housed offices on the ground floor and the district manager’s residence on the first floor. A significant garden was laid around the building. In 1941 the Germans took over the first floor and the basement, and in 1943 they took over the rest of the building while the railway administration had to move to a barrack in the town square. When the war was over, the entire building was used for offices. 

At the end of the 1950s, the upper parts of the garden were used for residential plots around the newly established road Hagebakken. From 1995, the administration building was leased to Ofoten Museum (Narvik Museum) when the railway administration left Narvik. In 2002, the museum was given the building free of charge. The horticulture in the garden was torn when the tunnel was built to Fagernes. 

A walk to Administrasjonsveien 3 is recommended regardless of the opening hours of the museum – here you can dream back to its former glory and reflect on the enormous development of the city!