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The story of the human and the predators

Visit Sortland Museum during the summer holiday and revisit an exciting exhibition: The story of the human and the predators.

The exhibition addresses several questions that relate to these two competitors in the food chain; Humans and the predators. We ask the question: What happened to the environment when modern humans came to Europe about 40,000 years ago? Furthermore, when did the problematic relationship between humans and predators arise, and is the solution to the problem to eradicate these animals that we have looked up to for millennia?

Our treatment of the large carnivores tells a lot about how we view and treat nature, and the recent past and present management is also addressed. Do we really have reason to be so proud of the bear hunters? The bear is given special focus, among other things it is explained how it is possible to lie 6 months in a hibernation without food and drink, and without going to the bathroom.

The exhibition evokes thoughts about how humans affect animals, and is also suitable for children. See the difference between the mouflon sheep and the domestic sheep, touch and feel the different animals, do you also dare to peer into the bear’s den?

The exhibition can be visited in Ariblå at Sortland museum between 13.7-9.9. The museum is open Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.