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Viking Style Meals

Take part in a Viking style dinner, lunch or enjoy a nice viking style meal from the museum eateries/cafes.

Viking feasts for individual travellers and groups
The Viking Chieftain and the Lady of the House welcome you to a delicious meal in the impressive Feast Hall. Get to know the people of Lofotr Viking Museum – join us on a journey more than 1000 years back in time! Groups may choose between different menues, both dinners, lunches and other. Book in advance.

Individual travellers/small groups: https://lofotr.no/en/things-to-do/food-and-drink

Groups: https://lofotr.no/en/for-groups/viking-meals-for-groups

Soup of the day
During summer, the soup of the day is served in the Viking Chieftain longhouse. A delicious, filling soup cooked over the fire, served with garnish – enjoy!

In Skjeltersjåen café by the Vikingship harbour, various Viking style dishes, hot and cold drinks. Open during summer.

Museum café
Meals prepared with the ingredients available to the Vikings, with a modern twist to it. Hot and cold drinks, waffles and icecream are on the menu, too. Open during summer.

Food and drinks are always served in accordance to authorities rules and regulation.

Visit Lofotr Viking Museum

Lofotr Viking Museum

Meet the Vikings. Smell the tar, taste the food, feel the history. The Vikings have been awaiting you for more than 1000 years. Welcome to the Viking age.