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Warm hands – about the cultural history of the mitten

Welcome to a warm and home-knit exhibition at Sortland Museum.

Sortland Museum, in collaboration with Sortland Husflidlag and Sortland Library, is showing the Norwegian Arctic University Museum’s travelling exhibition “Warm Hands – about the cultural history of the mitten” in Ariblå at Kulturfabrikken, Tuesday-Saturday from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. The exhibition will remain in place throughout March.

Vital in frost and snow, in daily use at sea, at work and for parties, the mitten is almost always with us in the northern Norwegian winter everyday life. Many people don’t think about the central role the mitten has played in our lives. That for some, the mitten has been as common a part of the outfit as socks on the legs. Work and tasks that could never be completed without wearing mittens. Mitten knitting is an old tradition, which is still thriving.

See the giant mitten, learn about “totomlingen”, “The Silly Pilot’s Mitten”, and Northern Norway’s oldest mitten, relax with a good book in the knitting corner, and be inspired by the great variety of mittens on display to design and color your very own dream mitten!

Sortland Husflidslag provides exhibition mittens, as well as several vintages of their knitting calendar with recipes for sale.

The exhibition has both Norwegian and English text.

Welcome a cozy exhibition at Sortland Museum! Entrance NOK 80,- adults, children free.