Fairy tale land

Bø museum

 • Vesterålen

Lost his father when she was just a little girl. She was moved to foster parents. Married at an early age, but the marriage was an unhappy one. Captivity, rape. Escaped in the darkness of night.

This is not the screenplay of a novel or a Hollywood thriller, even though it could have been. To the contrary. It is a description from real life. Details from the early life of Bø’s own local author, Regine Normann.

Bø Museum is dedicated to the theme of fairy tales, legend and oral storytelling. There is no one more suited to represent this theme than Regine. She was not only a highly respected novelist in her time. She was best known for the many legends and fairy tales she told. We should also remember her as a talented storyteller. The museum has a room dedicated to her life and authorship, including the drama and excitement of her personal life.

If you want to learn more about Regine after visiting the Regine Room at the museum you can take enter our fairy tale forest, Eventyrskogen, and visit the grotto where her tales are told in an environment suited for that purpose. You can also purchase a DVD of her fairy tales at the museum, or buy your own copy of her dark and dramatic novels, Stængt, as a book or audio book. Two of her historic novels in new editions will be available as of summer 2014.

Her life started eventfully, but the joyous moments were quickly overshadowed by tragedy. She blossomed as a teacher and author. She found her calling and happiness in both professions. Join us at the Bø Museum to experience myths and fairy tales in their proper environment.