“Guardian Angel” – Kaare Espolin Johnson’s litographs

By Gallery Espolin

Storvågan • Lofoten

You will be touched by Kaare Espolin Johnson’s expressive force as he tells the dramatic story of the region’s history and the lives and destinies of the people of the coast.

“I was out walking with some other children one evening. We had wandered far into Russian territory on the other side of the border. The reindeer moss had a strange glow in the light of a spring evening as the lakes reflected the moonlight as always…I also thought about the old belief that each person has his own guardian angel by his side.” (Kaare Espolin Johnson)

The artwork of Kaare Espolin Johnson is mystical and moody. These are the recollections and inner experience of an artist with impaired eyesight. As journalist Jahn Otto Johansen put it, ” When you have been to Lofoten and seen Espolin Johnson’s paintings you will carry Lofoten inside you the rest of your life.”