Frequently asked questions

Are you looking for tickets, opening hours and other practical info? Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions.

Where can I buy tickets to the museums?

Tickets are purchased from the individual museum. We are currently working to put in place the online ticketing system. As of today, you can buy tickets online to Lofotr Viking Museum, Andøy Museum, Ballangen Museum, Hurtigruten Museum and Narvik Museum.

Is there free entry for refugees?

Museum Nord wants to show support for refugees from all countries, who have sought refuge in Norway and in our region. Refugees are offered free entry to Museum Nord’s 21 museums. We would like to help to welcome and to allow refugees to become better acquainted with our history, culture and way of life.

So-called “Residence card” or “asylum seeker card” must be used as an ID. If you are unsure whether the scheme applies to you or someone you want to take with you to visit our museums, please contact us. If this applies to groups organized by the air traffic controller, please contact us in advance.

When are the museums open?

Opening hours at the museums vary throughout the year. Check out the individual museum.


Are you visiting our museums with groups? We always recommend contacting in advance with the museum you are going to visit.


The museums have parking at or not far from the venue.


We would like as many people as possible to visit us. Many museums have well adapted for good accessibility, others less accessible. Old buildings are often challenging for disabled people. Please contact the museum in advance if you have special needs and we will see if we can find a solution.

Free WiFi?

Some museums offer free WiFi to guests visiting the venue. Please ask the front desk personnel.

Do you have activities for children?

Many museums have activities, special offers and exhibitions for children. More information can be found at each museum. If you would like an offer through DKS or similar, please contact your museum.

Social Media

Most museums have their own pages on Facebook, some also on Instagram and in other social media channels. Museum Nord’s Facebook page is and Instagram


Brochures for all museums can be downloaded here.

Is it allowed to photograph?

It’s just nice. If it’s not allowed, we’ll signpost it. You are responsible for not taking pictures of people who do not want to be photographed.


The museums often have nice outdoor areas with nice trails that are easily accessible in spring, summer and autumn. The weather often changes so dress sensibly if you want to be outside.


We accept most well-known credit cards, as well as cash payment in NOK and in some places Euro. There is usually NO ATM at the museum. Some museums also take Vipps.

Lost and found

We store lost and found goods for a limited time. Have you lost/forgotten anything? Contact the relevant museum for information.


Do you travel collectively? Buses both north and south stop close to the museum. Bus routes and other travel information can be found here:

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Map of the museums in Museum Nord
Map of all the museums in Museum Nord.