Foto: Lofotr vikingmuseum
Fygle Museum. Photo: Lofotr Viking Museum

2 km from Leknes to Stamsund on Fygle is Vestvågøy Museum Fygle. The museum consists of the Old School (1898), and a “Rorbu” fisherman’s cabin (1834). The old school has an inventory of classroom artifacts, as well as interiors of other rooms and exhibitions on a shoemaker’s shop, home teacher, textile crafts and a dental office.

Fygle museum includes a diverse collection of objects from Vestvågøy’s past. The fisher-farmer lifestyle has received special attention in the exhibition with the display of related artifacts and environments, such as the rorbu which provides insight into the fishermen’s daily life.

The premises are also used for school purposes by the council and other boards and committees.

Fygle Museum is closed during 2021.