GAIA: The Circular Boost project

Circular Boost – Research on circular building technology on a large scale

An EU-funded research project on circular construction processes and reuse of concrete with a total of 28 international partners. The project is funded with NOK 13 million.

CIRC-BOOST is a 4-year project, funded under the Horizon Europe program, that focuses on testing and scaling up circular solutions in the buildings and construction sector through five pilot projects distributed in different European regions. In Vesterålen, the pilot is testing circular solutions through the realization of GAIA – container museum.

Will set a world record for reuse with a landmark building of discarded containers from the fishing industry.

GAIA Vesterålen wants to build a container museum, a landmark building of discarded containers from the fishing industry. The building will be made from recycled materials and be climate-neutral in both construction and operation. Inside the container museum, there will be an advanced high-tech model of Vesterålen, a model that deals with both the past, present and future through 16 selected themes. Cirkular Boost is a project where concrete will be recycled and used. The container museum will reach 95 percent reuse, reuse at this level will provide a fully circular landmark building.

The Norwegian partners in the project are Reno Vest, The Arctic University of Norway, Lundhagem Architects and Museum Nord, in addition, Sortland municipality will play a major role, and has taken on the construction of the container museum.

Made for reuse in a circular construction process 

The ambition is to build a container museum in the port of Sortland with the highest recycling rate realized in large construction processes. Today, the highest recycling rate in large construction processes is 70%, GaiaVesterålen wants to raise the level to 95%. We want to demonstrate the connection between environmental sustainability and socio-economic benefits.

National partners in Circular Boost

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GAIA Talent is a measure against exclusion among young people. Exclusion is one of the greatest challenges in society – nationally and regionally.

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GaiaDrøv is a dissemination concept about the importance of sheep in Arctic regions, with a focus on Vesterålen and Northern Norway. The target group is primarily children and young people aged 6-18 years. The purpose is to create interest in agriculture, as well as contribute to increased recruitment.