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Gaia Talent is an initiative against social exclusion among youth

Social exclusion is one of the biggest challenges in society – both nationally and regionally. Never before have so many people in the age group 19-29 been out of work and education – as today. Just in Nordland, a total of 7,000 young people are socially excluded, out of work and education.

We aim to address this through Gaia Talent. We seek to connect digital talents who are socially excluded with the demand for digital competence in the rural areas.

The government highlights Gaia Talent in its coastal strategy. Gaia Talent is mentioned as one of the solutions to the recruitment challenges in rural Norway.


Digitally self-taught individuals in social exclusion. Young people with self-learned digital skills ranging from interactive design, 3D modeling, and animation to game development, AR & VR, and film production.

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Ane Høyem


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Øystein Lihaug Hjelle

Head of Communications and Environmental Affairs

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Annette Kvandahl Johansen

Teamleader GAIA Talent


Gaia Vesterålen is a research and technology initiative that aims to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable local communities