Fasaden Jennestad Handelssted
Jennestad Trading Post. Photo: Trond G. Johnsen

8 KILOMETERS FROM SORTLAND you find this charming old trading
post. The building is located by the sea, easily accessible by boat – as
it had to be in the old days. Time has stood still after the closing of the
shop in 1982. Shelves stretched from floor to ceiling display authentic
products of all kinds, and the smell of chewing tobacco and ground
coffee still lingers in the air.

Jennestad Trading Post is located 8 kilometers north west of Sortland
(watch for a sign by the road). Visitors can buy locally produced arts
and crafts (husflid), postcards, sweets, literature and more. The nearby
art gallery (100 m) is also well worth a visit.

Opening hours 2020

June 13–August 23
Every day 11–17
The rest of the year open by request

Prices 2020

Adult 50 NOK
Child (under 18 years) free

Fra Sortland museum. Foto: Kjell Ove Storvik
The shop at Jennestad. Photo: Kjell Ove Storvik

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