Et glimt av den nye utstillingen i Kjøpsvik (Foto: Museum Nord)
A glimpse of the new exhibition (Photo: Museum Nord – Divtasvuodna/Tysfjord)

The exhibition at Kjøpsvik Museum is devoted to shift from Norwegian and Sami fish-farming culture to industrial community. In 1918 the Nordland Portland Cement (NPC) established operations in Gásluokta / Kjøpsvik and completely transformed the village. The story could be taken directly from Knut Hamsun’s book “Segelfoss Town” about a peasant village that grew into a small town.

Tysfjord Museum’s facility in Gásluokta / Kjøpsvik consists of two buildings. The former lensmann’s (sheriff’s) house, which later housed NPCs CEO, was the first building in the Kjøpsvik Museum. Museum collection over time grew so much that Tysfjord Historical Society had to acquire an additional building, the nearby Helland house, in which we now show the new exhibition called Sprekk (Cracks).

The museum houses objects from almost 100 years of NPC/Norcem operations.

New exhibition: Sprekk – about the men and mountains of Tysfjord. Click to read more about it.

Museum Nord’s newest exhibition was opened June 24th 2016. A former flower shop at Hovedveien 20 (Helland house) has been totally transformed and now houses a top-modern exhibition. The exhibition highlights unique traits of Tysfjord’s evolution. The industrial development, relations between the Sami people and Norwegians as well as Tysfjord’s geography are all presented here.

Opening hours 2020

The museum is currently closed.

Photo: Museum Nord
Stetind sprekk tysfjord kjøpsvik
Stetind – Norways national mountain (Photo: Museum Nord)

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