Museum Nord – Divtasvuodna / Tysfjord, Korsnes
Photo: Museum Nord

Korsnes is an old communications center. There were grocery store, telegraph office and steam ship call. The old post office is amazingly intact. Knut Hamsun was in service here for a while, and it is said that he rescued one of the merchant’s daughters from drowning. Photographer Magdalene Normann lived at Korsnes, the museum has many of her photos. The trading post and surroundings date back to 1700–1900.

Famous rock carvings from the Mesolithic period 8000–10 000 years ago, thus marked as an international conservation site, are located on the neighboring farm Leiknes.

The museum is situated beautifully at Korsnes, with it’s white beaches and lush landscape, about 6 km from the ferry quay at Bognes.

Guiding available. A small cafe serves coffee and Norwegian waffles.

Photo exhibition: Eternal moments

An exhibition about Magdalene Norman (1877–1979) must take place at Korsnes. In this village she was born and raised, worked as a mail clerk, shipping agent and photographer.

There are still people around who remember her, they speak of a spirited and strong willed woman, with a sharp tongue and a love for friends and parties.

She was, however, first and foremost a photographer. It is her images that are at the center of the exhibition.

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We hope that while you get to know her photographs, you will also get to know Magdalene better, as well as the times she lived in and the people she eternalized on film. There’s a lot we don’t know about her life, but we have a few puzzle pieces. When we start placing them together, exciting things start to happen

Our wish is that you won’t just look at but look into Magdalene Normans images.

Along the way we will equip you with facts and knowledge about Magdalene, the people she loved and photographed, the journeys the took and the places she lived. The photographs are divided into different catgories, and are explained and commented with short descriptions as you move through the exhibition.

There’s a saying that goes: “What you’re afraid lose is what you photograph”. Maybe that’s something worth reflecting on after meeting Magdalene Norman in Korsnes. What’s your favourite among the photographs?


Opening hours summer 2021

The museum plans to open on weekends in July.

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these upon arrival. Our guidelines are easy to
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forward to sharing our history with you – welcome!

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Museum Nord – Divtasvuodna / Tysfjord, Korsnes
Learn more about Magdalene Norman in the exhibition ETERNAL MOMENTS (Photo: Museum Nord)
Photo: Museum Nord

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