The magic mountain

Bø Museum

Vinjesjøen • Vesterålen

There is a slice of land that belongs to the Bø Museum near the water’s edge on which a lush green mound swells from the ground. You have to get quite close to discover the door that leads inside the mound. The mound is surrounded by a |fence around Alveland, the land of the ferries. You are welcome to enter, but know you enter at own risk! You are entering Alveberget.

Queen Borghildur reigns within, holding sway over her elves.

She was invited to journey to Bø Museum from Iceland in 2008. The museum is a fairy tale land where children of all ages can wander through the forest, creep into the grotto or dive into a magic sea to hear the fairy tales of Regine Norman. Iceland adopted our idea, so they were kind enough to send Queen Borghildur over as an ambassador. The elves of Iceland live inside the mountains. Unfortunately we cannot offer her such conditions.

But we were able to build an elf grotto for her. We have erected the grotto as a traditional Sami bow-frame turf hut, but the furnishings and décor are not traditional. Her throne and a couple objects from her homeland have found their place to alleviate any yearning she may have for Iceland, and you can rest on benches that contain many of her treasures. But best of all is listening to stories of Icelandic fairy tales, translated into Norwegian, along with elf music as you rest on elf-blue carpets of real Iceland wool – elves love the colour blue. Maybe you would enjoy warming your bones in the grotto if the air is cold outside, or just for a visit?

If you expected to meet her you will not succeed. Borghildur and her elves are invisible to most people; only those with special abilities are able to see her. Still, Alveberget is worth a visit – and who knows? Maybe you are among those with special abilities? Maybe, if you behave yourself – rumour has it she is very hospitable, but she can be unpredictable as queens often are. Especially elf-queens…

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