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Engaging climate conference in Vesterålen

The Gaia Arctic Summit 2024 climate conference was a success! Two knowledgeable and engaging days in Vesterålen on 6 and 7 June have been completed.

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Gaia Arctic summit 2024

When the international climate conference Gaia Arctic Summit takes place in Vesterålen in June, it will be with particularly top-heavy speakers on stage. Both Norwegian and international experts will contribute knowledge in various fields – linked to the opportunities that arise around sustainability challenges and the circular economy.

Gaia Arctic Summit 2024

Welcome to Gaia Arctic Summit 2024 in Vesterålen!

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Gaia Workshop and demonstration of Vesterål model

This week, the Gaia Vesterålen team has been working together in Sortland on the completion of a new prototype of the Vesterål model.

Exhibition opening: GaiaDrøv and the Vesterål model

The sheep is center stage – welcome to the opening of the exhibition GaiaDrøv, and the second prototype of the Vesterål model on the 15th of June.

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Annual report 2023

The 2023 annual report is here! Take a look at what we’ve achieved over the last year.

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GAIA at RESIST meeting in Ålesund

Last week, GaiaVesterålen and national partners in the RESIST project gathered in Ålesund for the 3rd consortium meeting chaired by AugmentCity.

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GAIA: Invitation to press conference on digital solutions for climate adaptation

GAIA Vesterålen has been invited to a European press conference where we will have a briefing about the Vesterålen pilot in the RESIST project. During tomorrow’s press conference, we will take a closer look at the role of digital solutions in the research project.

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GaiaVesterålen arranges courses in clothing repair together with Sortlands Husflidslag, Sortland Museum and Sortland Library. Fikselaugen is arranged as part of the research project The Environmental Contract.

GAIA: Fixing Workshop – free course in clothing repair

Do you have clothes that need repairing but aren’t sure where to start? 🧥🪡🤔 Then this course is for you! Sortlands Husflidslag, Sortland Museum, Sortland Library, and GaiaVesterålen invite you […]

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GAIA: From slaughterhouse to museum

On Tuesday, GAIA was together with national partners in the Circular Boost project, UiT, Sortland Municipality and Reno-Vest, to look at the Nortura building. Much of the building can be reused in the fully circular container museum.


GaiaDrøv is a dissemination concept about the importance of sheep in Arctic regions, with a focus on Vesterålen and Northern Norway. The target group is primarily children and young people aged 6-18 years. The purpose is to create interest in agriculture, as well as contribute to increased recruitment.

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Gaiadrøv: The Sheep’s Turn to Shine

The collaboration that unites museums, the media production industry, the agricultural industry and large R&D communities has been named GaiaDrøv. GaiaDrøv is a dissemination concept and a traveling exhibition about the importance of sheep in Arctic regions, focusing on Vesterålen and Northern Norway.


GAIA Talent is a measure against exclusion among young people. Exclusion is one of the greatest challenges in society – nationally and regionally.

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GaiaVesterålen: Opinion poll shows great climate scepticism in Vesterålen

54% of people in Western Norway agree that climate change is man-made. This is shown in a new poll conducted by Norfakta under the auspices of GaiaVesterålen with national partners in the RESIST project. Vesterålingene thus differs markedly from the rest of the country, where similar polls show that only 25% of the Norwegian population does not believe in anthropogenic climate change.

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Gaia Vesterålen

Gaia Vesterålen is a research and technology initiative that aims to create more environmentally friendly and sustainable local communities.