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Cultural Heritage Days in Storvågan

On the occasion of the Cultural Heritage Days, the Lofoten Museum will demonstrate traditional local Norwegian bread baked thanks to “new Norwegians” who attend VIO school in Svolvær.

The Manor house temporarily closed

The manor house at the Lofoten Museum is temporarily closed from 1 September 2023.

Landscape architects and basic tests of the ground

There are many tasks to be solved before SKREI can open in 2026. Among these is landscape planning – i.e. what the landscape around SKREI and now especially the Otolith should look like. What can we preserve of trees, rocks and landscape formations? Landscape architects and sample excavation are important tools.

100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen railway

100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen – The anniversary will be marked with an event up at Katterat station. The anniversary celebration starts with a great train ride from Narvik station to Katterat.

Building protection at Kongsbakk Gård

This summer, operations manager in the Ofoten department, Håvard, repaired a wall at Kongsbakk farm. The house got a new roof last fall, and with this year’s work, it’s ready when autumn storms and winter come.

Viking Festival 2023: we are finally back on the same level As in 2019

This year’s Viking Festival at Lofotr Viking Museum is finished. We look back on the festival and are delighted with the participation, atmosphere, weather, activities and demonstrations of food and drink.

The Viking Festival 2023

In less then a week, this year’s Viking Festival will be at Lofoten Viking Museum. The Viking Festival runs from 2nd-6th of August and we look forward to seeing you there.

Soap cooking in Å

At the Norwegian Fishing village museum we have started a tradition with soap cooking at Å.

New exhibition about the world’s largest cold-water coral reef

For many, corals are associated with South Sea islands and palm trees. But there are also coral reefs along the coast of Norway. This is what the audience learns in the new exhibition of the Lofoten Aquarium.

100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen railway

July 10, 2023 is the 100th anniversary of the electrification of the Ofotbanen! The anniversary will be celebrated with an event at Katterat station on 8 September