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Wild boar piglets born on Lofotr!

Last week we received some happy news that 7 little wild boar piglets have been born! Now we just have to wait until the summer so that everyone can see them in the enclosure by the long house.

Kven Panel discussion in Narvik

On Saturday 16 March, Kven People’s Day, a panel discussion was arranged at Narvik Library between this year’s VU artist, Åsne Kummeneje Mellem, local historian Geir Horrigmoe, and department director of Museum Nord’s Ofoten department, Jon Framnes.

A day working with the collection

A day of registration work in the basement of the community center at Melbu!

Collection network visited Narvik

The collection network in Nordland visited Narvik this week. The group consists of representatives from Museum Nord, Nordlandsmuseet, Narviksenteret, Árran Lule Sami Center and Helgeland Museum.

Vernissage for Student Art

Monday 11 March there was a vernissage for the student art exhibition “Sculptures in Narvik City, seen through the eyes of students”

Vernissage and exhibition opening in Narvik

Vernissage and exhibition opening of the art exhibition “ingen Kvæner tages i Arbeide” by VU artist Åsne Kummeneje Mellem


Now you can experience a new exhibition at Gallery Espolin! On Saturday 2 March there was the opening of the art exhibition “SEARCHING FROM DARKNESS TO LIGHT – FROM SHADOWS TO BEACONS” in collaboration with the Norwegian Coastal Administration Museum. The exhibition, which deals with the lighthouse’s 200-year history, was opened by Emma Gunnarsson from the North Cape Museum. It runs until May 26.

Use of digital platforms in heritage

Together with collaborators from University of St. Andrews, we delivered a webinar on the use of digital platforms in heritage for the Coastal Memory Fort project.

Fun theatre happening marks Museum Nord’s 20th anniversary

At Øksnes Museum, the first anniversary event took place: a humorous theatre experience about the giant Stor-Johan and Andrea.

Kindergarten visit to Ballangen

On Tuesday 27 February, Ballangen Museum was visited by an energetic group of kindergarten children from a local kindergarten in Ballangen.